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sound design

Led by George Godwin our team can create head turning original soundtrack compositions and immersive sound design that takes your film to the next level.

Chalk Streams of Norfolk - George Godwin
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as well as our lovely films we also provide additional media services that make us a one stop shop for all your media needs. over the years in the industry we've built relationships with some amazing freelance artists who work with us to deliver more than film, which makes it that much cheaper and easier for you.

integrated services


whilst we're there we can take pictures as well as shooting film, saving you on call out costs for a separate photographer. Our pictures are perfect for promotional use whether your updating the website or a magazine is doing a piece on you.


we're well versed with a variety of graphics software and can create animated logos, statistics and text, helping to make your message more eye catching and more expressive.


(showreel of graphics clips)

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