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dir Quincy Andrews

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Re:sound is a documentary project that explores what shapes the musical sounds we hear in Bristol today.

Beginning with The Pop Group’s first album from the post-punk era of the late 70s, the film tracks subsequent movements in sound system culture, jazz, hip hop, trip hop and drum and bass and discovers how these sounds are manifested in the rich musical landscape of the city today.

Hear from some of the most innovative musicians to have come out of the city, including Massive Attack's Neil Davidge, The Pop Group's Mark Stewart, Roni Size, Andy Sheppard, Portishead's Clive Deamer, Maximum Joy's Janine Rainforth and many more, unveiling where their sounds originated and what legacy they've left behind. We discover the attitudes, geographies and cultures of a city that have together helped form a fascinating narrative that spans over 35 years of musical history.

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